Several miles north of the golden gate bridge, in the quaint town of Larkspur, California, an historical home, set among mature gardens and towering redwood trees, called out to me for an uncompromising and emotional renovation.

It was love at first sight, and as my vision became clear, my renovations came to life.

I began with the grounds, grooming the existing vegetation; complementing the redwoods, palm and fruit trees with various plants from around the world. the existing Victorian Caribbean feel of the property soon evolved into the style of a 1900ís English garden. Many pleasant surprises were discovered during the landscape renovations. The original hand-dug brick lined well was uncovered and is now used to irrigate the lush grounds. While excavating for the patio, two workers uncovered the original bathroom marble sink, which, with great delight, I cleaned, repaired and installed in the guest quarters.

My enthusiasm and excitement grew with every fixture installation, using antiques in an updated fashion, enhancing my eclectic fancy best promotional products of the Victorian theme. The pedestal bathtub. nicked plated fixtures, and the period piece light units all worked well together.

I installed unique windows and doors to create in Indoor/Outdoor ambiance and created a soothing transition from being inside to walking out onto a Chinoise wrap around porch.

With the enchanting landscape brought to new life, the interior of the home was reborn with uncompromising craftsmanship and superior quality.

Larspur Home Before

Larkspur Home After

Larkspur Home

Larkspur Home Porch

Larkspur Home Main Entry

Larkspur Home Office

Larkspur Home Master Bedroom

Larkspur Home Master Bedroom

Larkspur Home Bathroom

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