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"Inventing your image of a perfect environment. . . Drawing from nature, art, history, impressions of strength, beauty, character. . . Encircle your friends with joy, humor, whimsy. . . StarFive's dedication is in expressing your opinions."

 Susan Westerbeke,
President and creative director of StarFive Design

Exceptional design is an artful combination of creativity, function, and careful selection of materials. The difference between design that simply looks nice and design that works well lies in the initial planning. Good design�whether it is for a home, landscape, or single event�works by drawing the personality of the client into the space being created. At StarFive we work closely with our clients to discover what aspect of themselves they wish to bring to an area and what effect they wish best replica watches to evoke when others enter the environment. We then put this knowledge to work to create a tasteful reflection of the client's desires.

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